Top 3 Current Forex Brokers Available In 2019

Top 3 Current Forex Brokers Available in 2019

Foreign exchange trading, or Forex, is a fast-moving and rapidly changing market. As much as it is profitable it is also equally risky. And without the proper guide to support your way into the market, you are running too many risks to cover your reward. That is why you should have yourself some top-quality forex brokers to help guide you to the right choices.

But with so many brokers to choose from, who should you trust? To help you decide we compiled a list of the top forex brokers available. All of which have been decided by important factors that you should consider as well. Here are the traits you should always consider when choosing a broker.

– Trustworthy. You must trust whoever you give your money too, can and will handle it well.

Flexibility. As a trader, you will have your own specific needs or strategies that you want your broker to understand. Coherence on a mutual strategy and goal is key.

– Availability. The forex market is the largest trading platform available, should be consistently looked upon for any changes in prices. The market, being conducted 24 hours a day for 5 days a week, you need a broker who can maintain focus and update you regularly.

And those are the main key factors you should be looking for in a forex broker. All of which are compiled on this list on who the top brokers are. So read on for our top current forex brokers available in 2019.

Forex Brokers’ Most Trusted: IG

Top 3 Current Forex Brokers Available In 2019
Top 3 Current Forex Brokers Available In 2019

When it comes to brokers you need someone that you can trust in the long run. And that is why you should go to the best at being the most trusted brokerage in the world.

IG offers an extensive list of trading products, competitive rates, and tools. And is also the industry-leading education in forex. These remarkable features and experiences culminate into what makes IG one of the top forex brokers in the world.

Low-Cost Forex Brokers’ King: CMC Markets

A great forex broker trait is someone that breaks down trade costs. And you need that break down trade costs because it will then turn into a low-risk venture for you. And no market does that better than the king of low-cost trading, CMC Markets.

CMC Markets is the unchallenged best for low-cost trading. It has a fantastic mobile app and over 10,000 tradeable instruments selection of currency pairs in the market. Above all, CMC Markets are incredibly useful for less-experienced traders. Due to its offering quality education on its user-friendly web platform.

Top 3 Current Forex Brokers Available In 2019
Top 3 Current Forex Brokers Available In 2019

Forex Broker’s Most Premier: Saxo Bank

You know the old saying: you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Well, the same goes for the world of forex, you have to spend some to gain some. And no forex broker out there is better at understanding that exact same motto than Saxo Bank.

Saxo Bank has a high minimum deposit of $10,000 just to open an entry-level “classic” account. And it costs $200,000 & 1,000,000 USD to open the platinum and VIP accounts respectively. In turn, you have access to over 40,000 trading instruments across forex, stocks, etc.

Saxo Bank also won the 2019 best web-based platform for its SaxoTraderGo.

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