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Essential Trade Volume Index (TVI) Guide

Everyone around the world has fallen for a trend here or there. Some more than others, while others take a while to get coerced. Despite all that, it is still important to understand the significance of these trends. And how trends affect

Paper Trading: What You Need to Know

Practice makes perfect. There is a reason we here that ever since we were little. And no matter how much we try to deny it, that saying is true. Just like learning how to ride a bike, you may stumble here and there. However, you always

Important Market Risks to Watch Out For

Everything you do in life has a risk. From riding your bike to learning how to cook no matter where you go you run risks. However, the risks are manageable. Case in point, if you avoid risks all the time then you will never achieve

Different Between Forex Market vs Other Markets

Trading is the foundation of livelihood. You spend time and effort at work to earn enough money to buy something. And that something is made through somebody else's time and effort so they can buy something. However, there are other

3 Crucial Factors for Intraday Trading

Intraday trading, otherwise known as day trading, is all about buying and selling stocks. However, to be successful in this form trying, you need to choose the right stock equities to choose from. But with over a thousand equities to

Forex Secrets You Should Definitely Know

Everyone has secrets. Each person locks away their most hidden secrets in hopes of people never finding out about it. Some people hide their secrets to prevent others from figuring out their weaknesses, while others keep it hidden to

Everything to Know About the Spot Exchange Rate

Trading on the spot market requires immediate access to tradable currencies. Hence the term on-the-spot. And since we are dealing with immediate funding here, it is imperative that we know the spot exchange rate. However, do not confuse

Key Tips to Minimize Trading Risks

Everything you do in life has risks. No matter how much you want to deny it, risks are always there. And it can come from everything we do such as riding a bicycle, running, or even simply walking down the street. It is frightening to