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Foreign exchange

Important Market Risks to Watch Out For

Everything you do in life has a risk. From riding your bike to learning how to cook no matter where you go you run risks. However, the risks are manageable. Case in point, if you avoid risks all the time then you will never achieve

3 Crucial Factors for Intraday Trading

Intraday trading, otherwise known as day trading, is all about buying and selling stocks. However, to be successful in this form trying, you need to choose the right stock equities to choose from. But with over a thousand equities to

Leveraged Trading: What You Need to Know

"You gotta give some to earn some". You most likely have heard that popular phrase at least once in your life. Or maybe the phrase "No pain, no gain" might be another. All of those famous lines are important life advice to uphold in our

Forex Secrets You Should Definitely Know

Everyone has secrets. Each person locks away their most hidden secrets in hopes of people never finding out about it. Some people hide their secrets to prevent others from figuring out their weaknesses, while others keep it hidden to

Everything to Know About the Spot Exchange Rate

Trading on the spot market requires immediate access to tradable currencies. Hence the term on-the-spot. And since we are dealing with immediate funding here, it is imperative that we know the spot exchange rate. However, do not confuse

Key Tips to Minimize Trading Risks

Everything you do in life has risks. No matter how much you want to deny it, risks are always there. And it can come from everything we do such as riding a bicycle, running, or even simply walking down the street. It is frightening to

Key Information To Understanding Forex Market

Foreign exchange, also known as "Forex", talks about business of exchange. But what kind of exchange you might ask? Well, it is the exchange of foreign currency of course. There are a variety of reasons why understanding the forex market

A Guide to Understanding the Spot Market

Trading by itself can be a jarring task. There is the spot market, forex market, and the stock market to choose from. To exchange one thing to another of equal or higher value is the name of the game. And regardless if you are a day trader

How To Make Money As A Forex Investor

Forex trading is a risky business. You are essentially making a bet that what you will buy and invest in return in profit. But that is not always the case. You cannot just throw your money away and invest in whatever catches your fancy for