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3 Best Forex Trading Apps Available Right Now


The foreign exchange market is ever-growing. No matter how much you try to stay current with everything, you will always hit a roadblock. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to know what is going on when you focus on forex trading. But with over $5 trillion worth of currencies being traded daily, you will need help to manage it all. And there are too many forex trading apps in the market to figure out which can be trusted.

Because of that, we have compiled a list for you of the best forex trading apps available right now. With these apps, you can see the best trading platforms that give high-speed trading and ease.

Forex Trading App #1: Trading Game

One thing that everyone who has dabbled onto the forex market can agree on, is that it is highly volatile. The market can just change just like that and in a blink of an eye, everything is lost. But what if you can train yourself on how to read the forex market? Imagine predicting when the market has reached its peak and you cash out a millionaire. If you want that kind of accomplishment to fill then check this app out.

3 Best Forex Trading Apps Available Right Now
3 Best Forex Trading Apps Available Right Now

The Trading Game is a free application designed to train you on experiencing how an actual forex market will offer. Whether you are a seasoned vet or just looking to see what the forex market entails then look no further. Because of this application, you can learn all that you need to know with its learning puzzles available in the market. All of which gives you an in-depth lesson on what to do in any situation when doing a forex trade.

Forex Trading App #2: NetDania Stock and Forex Trader

Understanding the importance of the current market is the most crucial thing you need to adhere to when it comes to trading. Learning that alone can net you a profitable trade here and there. And what could be better than having something keep track of all important market news in one application?

With NetDania everything you could need in a personal trading assistant is all in one app. This app is simple to use but is jam-packed full of game-changing features. For example, it gives you real-time market news and updates all in an economic calendar. And there is a market strategy share system that allows you to learn other fellow traders’ strategies for better trading. Lastly, it is designed with a smart cloud technology to share and secure your data on all devices. Above all, the app compiles the date of over 20,000 financial instruments and stocks.

3 Best Forex Trading Apps Available Right Now
3 Best Forex Trading Apps Available Right Now

Trading App #3: Trade Interceptor

Now that you have practiced considerably and have a platform to conduct trades, you will need something for more heavy-duty activities. Something that can read the hidden data and chart down those easily forgotten info.

Then Trade Interceptor is right for you. This popular forex trading app provides numerous amount of features to perfectly manage every data you need. Some examples of said features include, but not limited to, trading currency pairs, binary options, and commodity futures on forex brokers. There are well over 100 different chart indicators that can be used to fully utilize your trading to its max potential. Above all, you can receive live streaming price quotes, including Bitcoin, for all markets.